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Brief information about the company
The company «Smart Data» - the provider of services in the field of in-depth analytics and risk management.

The Company's goal is to increase the revenue of our customers through the effective use of data, reducing costs through streamlining business processes and effective risk management, as well as countering fraud.

Our values:
Accept responsibility. Qualitatively and in a timely manner we carry out the promised.
Constant search for new solutions and their implementation into realit.
We establish and adhere to high standards of work being professionals in what we do.
We are a single team, we share common goals and act in the interests of our Clients and the Company.
Our services:
Do you want to work on the queue at a time between competitors?
Examples of implemented projects:
Automation of the safety of the Group of Companies. .

Development of a logical model of data for testing candidates for work, cleaning and loading data into the storage.

Realization of automatic monitoring of information on Company employees from external data sources.

Automation of investigations, as well as the creation and implementation of KPI and Dashboards to monitor the effectiveness of the security services.

For the customer, a data model was developed from the retail sector, the corporate data warehouse was expanded and parameterized, and analytical showcases were built.

In the future, we also developed and parametrized forecast models for working with clients, such as the model for predicting the outflow of customers.

The main purpose of the outflow analysis is to create a list of clients who are likely to leave in the near future and prevent their outflow.
A project was implemented for the bank from the TOP 50 in terms of assets, which provides for the optimization of the credit process and the introduction of the anti-fraud function.

Parametrization of the new credit process in the decision-making system, development of strategies and rules for underwriting, and automated rules for the prevention and detection of internal and external fraud by forces were carried out.
Наука про дані - це трансформація даних методами математики і статистики в робочі аналітичні висновки, рішення та продукти.
Advantages of working with us:
Our consultants have proven themselves in implementing complex projects combining business consulting and application implementation. This is a strong team of professionals, which has expertise in the field of management and information technology.
Orientation to practical use is the main principle of our experts. We believe that each recommendation of the consultants should contribute to improving the efficiency of the client's business.
Relations with customers and partners "Smart Date" builds on the basis of trust and a service approach.
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